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Why AI4Academy?

Are you looking for a job or need a career change? AI4Academy will help you get one! Looking for Apprenticeship/ Graduate Apprenticeship?

Why AI4 Academy? Our mission is to build the UK’s digital workforce by identifying and developing people with high potential at all levels, and our AI4Academy is at the heart of this.
The core of our approach is that students acquire and demonstrate both design thinking and hands-on practical ability in real-world situations, instead of just learning by rote in order to gain a certification.

Our course materials are designed and delivered by qualified Pega experts and instructors with decades of experience. We turbo-charge online Pega training by enhancing the self-study experience and fully supporting candidates in developing their expertise through individually tailored training plans.

Frequent in-depth review sessions, which enable us to target additional training where it is needed and to provide ongoing detailed assessment and feedback, help us to achieve this. After graduating from the AI4Academy, each student will have gained their formal Pega certification and will already have designed and built at least one fully functional real-world application from scratch.

They will also typically have had intensive project experience developing our internal products using the Pega Express/Scrum methodology. In short, we equip students for the future through a combination of carefully targeted technical training, individual coaching, and professional development. This empowers them to form a pipeline of strong talent in your organisation and, ultimately, to deliver outstanding performance.

What is an Apprenticeship?

• An apprenticeship is a training program wherein a person is engaged by a firm as an apprentice and receives classroom (theory) learning for a short period, followed by on-the-job (practical) training.
AI4Academy will help you to gain experience with valuable technical knowledge and skills in the IT Industry. We are here to help you to reach your goals.

Become a Technical Consultant:

• A profession as a Technical Consultant can be a rewarding one.
There are a lot of opportunities available, but not every one of them needs to be tech. heavy. The positions that are accessible are not all engineering jobs, there are numerous different roles inside technical consulting.
A Technical Consultant advises customers on the best way to utilize IT practices and products to accomplish their business goals. To do this, a consultant oversees and executes methodologies.
What does it take to be an innovation expert? What do top organizations search for in an up-and-coming IT consultant?
AI4Academy will help you to become a good technical specialist - someone who shows enthusiasm and is aspiring to work in a community situation to help resolve some of our clients’ most challenging concerns.

Need a Career Change ?

When you are having an awful day at work, it is easy to wander off to fantasy land, thinking about doing a dream job bringing in more status, cash, and fulfilment.

Imagine the scenario in which an intermittent ‘off day’ transforms into an annoying sensation of discontent that just will not disappear. When will you realise it’s an ideal opportunity to move on, and what sort of occupation is for you?For More Details

What makes AI4Academy special?

Knowledge is the Key to Success:

• At AI4Academy, the quality of training is the highest priority. We make sure that our students get in-depth & real-time knowledge of the technology along with detailed implementation experience of what has been learned. This is one of the most important reasons why the AI4Academy should be preferred over others.

Live Projects:

• We make sure that every student/apprentice at AI4Academy gets a chance to work on a live project. Working on a live project enhances the technology understanding, and makes you aware of real-life scenarios, best processes, and adds weight to your CV.

Going that Extra Mile.

• We arrange expert sessions on the latest trends in the IT industry, by professionals.
• Encourage students/apprentices to innovate new ideas and implement them too.
• Identify weak areas in the early stage and focus on improving those.


Why AI4Academy?

Why do corporate recruiters like to recruit from AI4academy?

  • Get a job-ready candidate with professional knowledge.
  • Get technical support from AI4Process for their candidates.
  • Quick responsive placement team, always ready to help recruiters to scrutinize candidates and speed up the process.
  • Assisting students/apprentices to choose a technical career and to counsel them suitably to work towards it.

AI4Academy Features

You can choose your specialty and bridge the knowledge gap with technical skills and an understanding of the latest technologies.


Instructors: You can rely on our expert specialists and thought leaders to provide insight and teach real-world skills. Our instructors will set a sound foundation for your future job through hands-on practice on real-time projects.

  • Improved Long – Term Career Prospects.

Job assistance: AI4academy assistance to provide job search.

Certification: AI4Academy offers you a course completion certificate for different IT industry jobs. This will begin your entry into the IT field. We help you to find the right job based on skills and knowledge and flexibility.

Flexible options and affordable: This is the chance to get started on increasing your skills by joining the AI4academy.

AI4Academy offers students the choice of online, Virtual, and classroom sessions. You can choose the most suitable session to learn.

Boost your career with the right set of technical skills needed in the IT sector. Join AI4Academy the best training centre in the UK.