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At AI4Academy Everyone has a chance to learn, improve, and build up their skills. Create your own future with AI4Academy. VIEW COURSES ENROLL NOW ABOUT US Welcome to the world of AI4Academy where we believe that information, knowledge, and insight can help you to see beyond the obvious and achieve greater goals. ABOUT US Are you looking for a job or need a career change? AI4Academy will help you get one! Looking for Apprenticeship/ Graduate Apprenticeship?

Creating the innovators for the future


At AI4Academy, we believe there is a superior method to teach innovation. We are specialists in IT training and are known for an outcome-oriented methodology. We are centred around designing and building innovative approaches to learning with local regional academies in Scotland and the rest of the UK. With AI4Academy you are given the greatest opportunity to succeed.



Designed scientifically, our courses maximise our student's capacity to learn. We have courses suitable for all levels.

Our Vision

Upskill in the UK by providing Skill Development Programmes and certifications. We work to capitalise on the UK’s strengths as a Power Hub Nation with Skilled Human Resources.

Our Mission

We aim to meet the needs of society by providing a platform where individuals are trained in key skills needed in Industry. We have created the means to provide such training by Offline and Online means.

Our Commitment

We promise to become a major contributor in “Skill Nation” in the UK, with a mission to make the UK the Skills Capital of the World and to grow the technological community.


Ai4Academy is brilliant! The mentors were very helpful throughout the process and would answer any questions or uncertainties that I had regarding the course content and examination. The course has helped me launch my career as a graduate and I highly recommend this Academy to other graduates or individuals trying to kick-start their career within the Computing Industry!

Jabbar Ghafoor


Having recently graduated from university, Ai4Academy helped me transition from software development knowledge to a software engineer within a real-world context. The academy's close connection to the rest of the company provides access to expertise across the whole software development lifecycle, this coupled with the low-pressure environment makes for fast and well-supported learning.

Finn Torbet,


I have been ecstatic to be part of AI4 Family. AI4 Academy has helped me tremendously to support my career break and helped me to become a Pega professional. No words would be enough to thank the entire team and especially to my mentor. I am proud to say that I am a Pega Sr. System Architect now and actively engaged in Projects and contributing in design and development activities

Shreya Sanyal


Ai4Academy has helped me to become a Pega Certified professional providing me with help and support throughout the training. I am happy to be part of Ai4Process team and I would like to thank everyone for their help and support throughout the journey.

Vyara Todorova